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Rachel likes to enjoy much of her free time with her companies. He likes dark colors mainly but he also goes for pastels and neons. She is an animal lover, and a conscious protector of them. He is also a food lover, it is one of his great loves. Much of it depends on your humor and genius. She is a dancer, songwriter, writer, model, actress, and is in the process of evolving and taking her way into the world of Rap and singing. Find pleasure, tranquility, love, passion, creativity, evolution, improvement, investigation, importance, in art in all its forms and versions. She is a girl, experimental, and thirsty for versatility.
Rachel's dreams are based in the short term to finish her university, to be able to find peace of mind very constantly, to undertake and evolve as a person and as a woman. Listen and heed the calls of the universe for a more growing learning. She focuses on the improvement for her surroundings and her fantasy bubble, very bright, but very realistic at the same time. In the medium term, go to stardom as a visual and musical artist. Get your little bit culminations. And enjoy your youth in a free and stable way as possible in all existing senses. In the long term, Rachel in her purpose seeks to have found the tranquility and peace of mind that can be let go many times when we are human beings. Being in the place where her creativity and talent took her. And have tried to be as satisfied as possible in their existence in the world.
What not to do in broadcasts: -without fingers. -do not dilate the anus. -no fisting. -Don't hurt me in a strong way. -Do not show your face in full masturbation action unless it is pvt. Customer treatment: -No humiliation. -No real encounters. -Respect of sexual identity. -No bad words unless we are in active pm, or pvt. -Don't demand if you don't offer.

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